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    In her popular school presentation "Why I Love America," author Tina Nichols Coury, a.k.a. The Rushmore Kid, promotes an understanding and appreciation of the essential qualities that make America great. Tina loves to perform for schools, libraries, community events, book festivals, conferences, and fundraisers.

    Tina has also done a number of presentations to writer's groups. Topics include: Book Trailers, blog Tours, webisodes, book pitches, and the state of kidLit. How can authors, published and pre-published alike, use the Internet to promote their books? What makes a blog tour successful and a book trailer compelling? What's a video book pitch? A webisode? How can they be used to sell book ideas, newly published books, and backlist books? Author, award-winning multi-media artist, and promotion guru Tina Nichols Coury has the answers. A blogger, vlogger, book trailer producer and all around Renaissance woman, Coury provides step-by-step instructions for these Internet promotion techniques that even the most faint-hearted can use to increase their online visibility.