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    Invite Tina to spend a day at your school or library!


    Tina loves to perform for schools, libraries, community events, book festivals, conferences, and fundraisers. Her award-winning book about the boy who helped build Mount Rushmore resonates with young audiences. She explains how she found the story idea, displays messy first drafts, shows fascinating historical photos, and emphasizes the importance of persistence when learning a new skill or following a dream. For older audiences, she expands on the writing process making strong core standard curriculum connections in language arts, social studies, and the arts. Tina’s assemblies are educational, entertaining, motivating, and memorable.

    Workshops: Follow-up classroom workshops with smaller groups are offered for an additional fee.


    Schools that book a visit with Tina will receive a folder chock-full of teaching ideas and materials for display.


    A book sale is not a requirement for a visit. However, schools often choose to work with a local bookseller to offer Tina’s book for sale to staff and students, with profits going to the school. Tina will autograph and personalize these books as well as any that your school already has on hand.

    Tina provides three options for book orders:

    1. Order from Tina’s publisher (Penguin USA)
    2. Order from an independent bookseller (Tina can provide information on local booksellers)
    3. Order from Tina directly


    Available upon request
    Rates are based on two assemblies per day.
    Southern California visits are considered local.
    Non-local California and out-of-state visits must include travel, lodging, and meals.
    A discount is available for days booked consecutively in the same district or county; schools can share travel costs.
    A discount is also available if a public “family night” event is combined with a school visit on the same day.


    Tina Nichols Coury
    (805) 216-6824